Blizzcon, D3 CE and Digital Castration
Posted by Superstate 2 months ago.
Blizzcon is currently up and running and I don't think anybody who reads this was completely oblivious to that fact. WoW gets pokemon, pandarens and some content borrowed from d3 (monks and skill trees). We also got to see the fucking epic D3 CE, and my god I hope it is very expensive because I'll buy the shit out of that and hope that the price deters the majority of the people!

I mean look at these, Tyrael wings!

Click the picture for Blizzard's CE page.

Blizzcon also brought the news that followers are now endgame viable as well. This was widely suspected beforehand after the datamined files contained follower-specific items with up to maximum level requirements.

On another note, someone in somehow stumbled upon this very interesting blog for anyone with an interest in Blizzard games. By having knowledge of how a production line of a game looks and using Google to its maximum (as well as having slight stalker tendencies and seemingly alot of free time), the writer manages to wrench out alot of bits of information and puzzle them together to form a conclusion of the direction of any given Blizzard game (including unannounced ones such as Titan and what appears to be Warcraft 4!).

And on that bombshell, Warcraft 4 may be accidentally leaked.

Diablo 3 Release pushed back to early 2012.
Posted by Superstate 3 months ago.
Sad news, although not completely unexpected; Mike Morhaime himself wrote a quick update to the Diablo 3 blog today, stating that during a very recent meeting including all the teams working on d3 they came to the conclusion they simply wouldn't be able to make it on time for the Christmas rush, in the polished state they desire.

The upside is, as Morhaime points out, the beta will include more players. Unfortunately we can probably expect there to be no additional content added, which means that's a rather small comfort in the end. Speedruns have already popped up and I would expect sub-20 min runs very soon!

edit: aaand here is an 18 min WD run

On another note, the d3 page was once again updated to include a bunch of items, including legendaries. Important to note is that many of the items are not final and have placeholder stats.

Public Beta Begins!
Posted by Dread 3 months ago.
That's right the public beta testing phase for Diablo 3 has begun!

If you want to know if you've gotten an invite yet be sure to check your account and see if a Diablo 3 beta license has been added! Don't trust any links if you are not 100% sure they are legit. You will still be added to the beta even if you don't read your beta mail so just check your account and enjoy the Diablo 3 beta if you are one of the lucky with an invite!

There is no NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) on the beta so you are free to talk about it, post about it, stream it, make videos and whatever you want pretty much. I know I will if i get an invite! :)